Backflow Testing Brisbane

Backflow prevention is an incredibly important aspect of your plumbing and drainage system. As part of your owner responsibilities, the local council requires you to have your backflow system checked every twelve months. A qualified plumber who carries backflow endorsement must undertake these checks, and all of our staff are certified.

According to the Brisbane City Council regulations, you are required to undertake backflow testing if you have any of the following:

  • an irrigation system
  • fire hose reels or hydrants
  • a commercial or industrial activity or machinery connected to the mains
  • water outlets in proximity to pollutants, grease traps or chemicals
  • an underground rainwater tank that has mains water

We check, test, repair and service any of the following:

Air Gap

Break Tank

Reduced Pressure Zone Device (RPZD)

Double Check Valve (DCV)

Single Check Valve (SCV)

Pressure Type Vacuum Breaker (PTVB)

To arrange an inspection or service on your backflow devices, contact AK Gas and Plumbing today for non- obligatory, upfront quote on (07) 3419 6579, or submit an online enquiry here.