Bathroom Plumbing

Your bathroom or ensuite has more fixtures connected to water than other room in your home, thus it is no wonder that majority of plumbing concerns occur in this area. AK Gas and Plumbing can provide specialist services to your home or commercial space to ensure that bathroom issues are resolved before they pose significant health risks.

Common bathroom concerns include:

Leaking, squeaky or faulty devices and accessories

Slow drainage of bath, shower, basins or toilets

Hot water issues

Blocked or foul-smelling drains

As licensed plumbers and gas fitters, AK Gas and Plumbing are able to provide complete solutions to all of your bathroom related plumbing needs. Make sure you give us a call on 1300 007 769 for a non-obligatory, upfront quote, and save yourself the drama of a plumbing disaster.

Urgent Plumbing Problem? Follow These Tips.

  1. Try and remain calm. If you know how to do so, turn off the water and/or gas valve to inhibit further leakage and
  2. Contact AK Gas and Plumbing on 1300 007 769. A licensed, qualified tradesperson will talk you through the immediate actions required to ensure the health and safety of people and
  3. Get a quote. If possible, the team will assess your issue over the phone, give you a cost-effective, upfront quote. In the case that your issue is more complex, one of our team will organize to come out and inspect the situation. Be assured that our certified tradespeople will always discuss the needs and costs of the solution with you before prior to commencement of repairs. This ensures that there are never any hidden costs or surprise
  4. Begin repairs. If agreed, a licensed plumber will arrange to come and fix your issue. AK Gas and Plumbing pride ourselves on providing a responsive service that is available 24 hours, seven days a week.
  5. Problem solved! When work is complete and checked, our team will go to every effort to leave no mess behind. Then, we educate you on the issue and the solution, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Renovation Ideas

Creating An Ideal Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a home. They can have a huge impact on your quality of life, and may greatly affect the resale value of your home. When it comes to bathroom renovations, it pays to do your research and get professional help. AK Gas and Plumbing has over thirty years combined experience in bathroom design and renovation. We follow the latest trends in bathrooms, but we are not slaves to fashion – we know what it takes to produce timeless classics.

Design Essentials

When you open the door to your bathroom what do you see? Foggy mirrors, leaking taps, a toilet, perhaps? Bathrooms should be an inviting sanctuary with: -Plenty of ventilation -Loads of storage -Plenty of natural light -A feeling of privacy -Easy clean and non-slip surfaces -Quality fixtures and fittings

Choosing The Right Materials

The sheer volume of materials available for bathroom renovations can be overwhelming, but take it one step at a time. Think about individual materials and how they complement or enhance your overall design.


Tiles are popular due to their durability, versatility and at times, breathtaking beauty. It’s important to choose carefully because your choice of tiles can make or break a bathroom.


Ceramic tiles are durable, easy to clean and come in an endless variety of colours and styles. They are resilient to moisture and stains, but can chip and scratch easily. Ceramics are a good choice for walls and low traffic areas.


Porcelain is low maintenance and practically waterproof, which makes it great for bathroom floors. Porcelain tiles cost more, but they are incredibly resistant to moisture, staining and wear, making them perfect for high traffic areas.

Natural Stone

Luxury and sophistication go hand in hand with natural stone, however like so many beautiful things in life, they are costly and high maintenance. Natural stone is porous and best used sparingly as a contrast to porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Colour Schemes and Finishes

Paints should ideally be high-gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish with inbuilt mould resistance to counter the humid conditions of a Brisbane summer. Colour schemes should create a calm, soothing environment suggesting cleanliness and privacy. For example, pale blues and greens combined with natural stone will create a space that invites relaxation. We understand how to get the most out of your chosen palette – natural, cool, warm, rich or entirely individual – you decide!

Quality Fixtures And Fittings

Quality tapware, a stunning bathroom vanity or amazing lighting options can make the difference between a beautiful bathroom and a stunning space. We can offer advice on the best fittings for your bathroom, and put you in touch with reputable suppliers of quality fittings and fixtures in the Brisbane area. Be sure to choose wisely because quality never goes out of fashion.