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Brisbane blocked drains are a significant cause of many general plumbing concerns. Leaving these issues untreated can be extremely harmful to human health, as your waste is not being transported away from your home or commercial space. Alternatively, the root causes of the blocked drain may be causing extreme damage to your Brisbane property and surrounding plumbing services.

As such, it is important to hire a qualified tradesperson with the best equipment, techniques and plenty of experience. AK Gas and Plumbing are experts in Brisbane resolving blocked drain issues. Our CCTV Inspection technology is cutting edge, and our team of qualified, licensed plumbers are dedicated to providing complete solutions to your problems.


Signs of A Blocked

Blocked drains are usually quite easy to identify. Common symptoms include:

  • Slow draining toilets, showers, basins, baths and laundries
  • Gurgling sounds from any of the above
  • Lower than normal water level in your toilet
  • Overflowing of drains, both inside and outside

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How Drain Inspections Work?

Step 01

Unblock the Drain

AK Gas and Plumbing use a technique called hydro jetting to unblock your drains from the outset. The use of high-pressure water clears the blockage and is powerful enough to cut through tree roots while flushing out sand, silt and even concrete debris.

Step 02

Identify the Cause

This is the most important step in providing a complete solution to blocked drains and preventing the issue from occurring in the AK Gas and Plumbing employ the most up-to-date technology to view the pipes internally. A radio-frequency locator then identifies the exact location of the fault to enable efficient correction of the problem.

Step 03

Repair the Issue

Depending on the cause, it may be simple enough to remove the blockage and prevent it with behaviour changes. However, if the pipe is extremely damaged or caused by something out of your control (such as tree roots or product failure), then it may be necessary for AK Gas and Plumbing to undertake works to rectify the problem identified.

Step 04

Create Minimal Disruption

AK Gas and Plumbing are conscious of the disruption that drain issues can cause to your home or business. As such, we invest in the most advanced equipment to pinpoint the area of concern and dig up only the affected area. Our team will leave the area as good as new.

Be Careful

Professional Advice

Drain repairs should not be ignored, as they can cause significant
damage to other structures if left untreated. Get in contact with AK
Gas and Plumbing if you are concerned about a blocked drain issue,
and we will find a solution to meet your needs.


A licensed, qualified tradesperson will talk you through the immediate actions required to ensure the health and safety of people and property.

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