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Commercial Plumbing Brisbane and SEQ

Commercial Plumbing and Gasfitting Contractors who know how to ensure that the work is performed to an exceptional standard. Commercial properties include sporting & recreation clubs, shops and shopping complexes, hospitals & nursing homes, hotels & restaurants, schools & childcare facilities.

AK Gas and Plumbing Licensed Plumbing Contractors offer expert guidance and direction for your Commercial Plumbing needs.


We offer a range of qualified plumbers and gasfitters that undertake the work on time, across all of our projects within the Brisbane metropolitan area. We currently have many projects across South East Queensland where we provide dedicated supervision to ensure every bit of our plumbing work is completely checked, tested and witnessed, to provide a satisfactory guarantee to our clients. We use a range of up to date computer programmes which interfaces between events on site and acknowledges office staff of progress and updates. We can also provide photographic evidence to help explain certain issues on site so that the right advice can be suggested and made clear.


Site and task audits are completed by all of our staff once each stage of your build is completed. This guarantees that the work has been completed, but it also keeps a log of site conditions. We value initiative, teamwork and co-operation. Breathe a sigh of relief to be working with a plumbing company you can rely on. Our thorough knowledge of all plumbing codes and council regulations means that you can rest assured knowing we’ll get the job done with maximum efficiency, with no room for error.

Commercial Property Types:

  • Sporting & Recreation Clubs
  • Shops & TakeAway shops
  • Medical Centres & Nursing Homes
  • Shopping Complex
  • Hotels Bistros & Restaurants
  • Primary Schools, Secondary Schools & University
  • Childcare facilities
Commercial Gas and Plumbing Brisbane

New Installations & Repairs:

  • Fire hose reels and hydrants
  • Shop fitouts
  • Cooking appliances
  • Grease Trap servicing and installation
  • Water and Gas services
  • CCTV Inspection and Reporting
  • Backflow and Thermostatic valve install and testing

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