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Kitchen Plumbing Brisbane

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen a facelift? Don’t forget about the plumbing. It is an integral part of your kitchen. You need to find plumbers who not only provide functional kitchen plumbing but also ensure that the plumbing compliments your entire kitchen décor and furnishings. Plumbing components in the kitchen usually consist of three main things: fresh water pipes, appliances, and a drainage system.


Fresh water pipes are the pipes coming from the city’s main water supply. They get into your house through the mainline, and will often make the first branch at the water heater. The mainline is consistently under high pressure, and thus needs to be made from materials that can withstand the pressure. Fixtures are the components in your kitchen that use the fresh water. They include dishwashers, faucets and taps. When installing fixtures, it is important the plumber adheres to regulations set by the relevant board. The drain system consists of everything going from kitchen fixtures and appliances to the sewer.

Problems with the Kitchen Plumbing?

Faulty kitchen plumbing is one of the most challenging problems you have to deal with at home. Unfortunately, plumbing problems in the kitchen are quite common. They range from leaking taps, clogged drains, or gurgling sinks. If left un-repaired, the plumbing issues become quite an annoyance, not to mention the health hazard that they pose.


While you can easily fix some of the problems, others are quite complicated and require the attention of a professional plumber. This is where AK Gas and Plumbing comes in. We are professional plumbers with extensive experience in fixing all aspects of kitchen plumbing.


AK Gas and Plumbing provide 24 hours plumbing services in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Call us for all your kitchen plumbing needs including:


  • Dishwasher installations
  • Fridge plumbing
  • Fixing dripping kitchen taps
  • Clogged sinks and drains
  • Installation of water coolers and filters
  • Faulty kitchen faucets
  • Among other kitchen plumbing repairs
Kitchen Plumbing Brisbane

What to Expect from AK Gas and Plumbing?

AK Gas and Plumbing ensure customer satisfaction at all times. That is why we have mastered kitchen plumbing and have a variety of solutions that you can choose from, to suit any budget.


No matter how small, or vast the project is, we can do it. Whether you just need to install a single dishwasher or add multiple kitchen fixtures, you can count on us to deliver. Where possible, we try to exceed your expectations. If you need to build a whole kitchen from scratch, our certified plumbers can work with your engineers in planning and designing the kitchen and its plumbing systems.

Are You Looking For Plumbers & Gas Fitters In Brisbane?