Types Of Hot Water Systems

Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, hot water is a critical part of our everyday household functions. No one likes a cold shower, especially as the weather cools down! AK Gas and Plumbing will identify, repair and educate you about the problem in the promptest manner, making sure your home is back to normal as soon as possible. We also install hot water systems in new residential properties and commercial spaces.

AK Gas and Plumbing is Brisbane’s most reliable, friendly and professional hot water installers, and guarantee to deliver high-quality gas and plumbing services at affordable prices.

Capacity: Is Bigger Better?

Depending on the number of people in your home and your hot water usage habits – such as dishwasher usage, and laundering – having a larger hot water system may be unnecessarily expensive. The best thing to do is contact AK Gas and Plumbing for a non-obligatory, cost-effective estimate, and let us help you further.


Hot Water Systems

Continuous Flow or ‘Instantaneous’ Hot Water System
If you have to wait for a few seconds for the water to heat up before jumping in the shower, it is likely your home is using a continuous flow hot water system. This system means that water is heated as it moves through the system.
These systems heat water as it is required, meaning it is unlikely that you will ever ‘run out’ of hot water unless your system is faulty. Another benefit is that these systems are not working to maintain hot water throughout the day, thus are more cost-effective than other hot water systems (such as storage tanks).

Does Your Hot Water System Need Replacing?
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Choosing a new hot water system can be stressful; let AK Gas and Plumbing make it easy! Use our handy online service finder to have a team member help you through the process – from selection and prices, all the way through to installation and clean up.

Hot Water Storage Tanks

Most hot water systems use a form of hot water storage, especially those that rely on solar or electricity to heat the water. These systems require more ongoing maintenance compared to continuous flow systems, as the tanks, seals and valves lose quality over time and must be replaced. However, most storage tanks carry a ten-year manufacturer warranty.

Which Hot Water System is Best for My Family?


Gas systems are great at heating water quickly and can be easily replaced or repaired if you are experiencing a faulty system. Gas can be used to heat water in both continuous flow and storage systems. We recommend a storage tank of between 135-170L for a four-person home using gas.
They are usually installed outdoors; however,it can be installed indoors if necessary (conditions and restrictions apply).
Either LPG or natural gas can be used depending on your connection. In some cases, using a gas hot water system can be more cost-effective than other methods, as gas prices do not vary depending on peak periods. Looking at a system’s efficiency rating can also assist in choosing the most economical gas hot water system for your home.
AK Gas and Plumbing tradespeople are fully licensed gas fitters and are certified to install and repair safe gas hot water systems in your home.


Electric systems are the most popular systems available, as they are relatively cheap to buy and install, and give options for both storage and continuous flow systems. However, these systems are the most expensive to run – especially if you use lots of water in peak periods (morning and evening).
Similar to gas systems, we recommend a 125-315L tank for electrically heated systems, depending on your needs. These systems can be installed indoors or outdoors.
AK Gas and Plumbing are fully licensed plumbers, with vast experience and up-to-date knowledge in installing electric hot water systems.



Solar-heated hot water systems require extra research than other systems, and some additional installation considerations. However, AK Gas and Plumbing are highly experienced professionals who can ensure that everything runs smoothly and your solar hot water system is working at maximum efficiency.
These hot water systems are only available using storage tanks, and we recommend a larger tank (300-360L) to account for days when more hot water is required or days with reduced sunlight. Keep this in mind when choosing your tank – if it rains for many days, you may run out of hot water when it’s most desired!
These systems have very low running costs, thus will compensate for the comparatively large outlay during installation.


A licensed, qualified tradesperson will talk you through the immediate actions required to ensure the health and safety of people and property.

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