Water Leaks and
Burst Pipes

Water Leaks and burst pipes are the most common types of plumbing issues, but can also be the most disruptive. These problems pose a threat to the health and safety of people and property and must be rectified immediately.

AK Gas and Plumbing pride themselves on responding to plumbing emergencies in the timeliest manner. Available 24 hours, seven days a week, our quick response will resolve the issue completely and immediately. Moreover, our fixed pricing and upfront estimates mean that there are no hidden costs – just a professional, reliable plumbing service that you can depend on.

Emergency Assistance Required? Follow These Tips.

Try to Remain Calm.
If you know how to do so, turn off the water and/or gas valve to inhibit further leakage and damage.

Common Sources of Water Leaks.

Hot Water Systems

Your hot water system is directly connected to both a water supply and a drain. A fault in either of these areas can lead to leaks, as well as damage to valves, seals and the tank itself.


Air Conditioning Systems

Many air conditioning units use water to cool the incoming air. On extremely hot days, the air conditioner can expel large amounts of wastewater, causing it to overflow.

Worn Out Pipes

If your system is old, it is likely to show signs of wear and tear: like bursting and leaks. AK Gas and Plumbing employ CCTV Inspection equipment to identify problem areas in old pipes, as well as radio locating devices to enable efficient service times and thorough servicing.

Taps, Showers, Toilets and Hoses

All of these devices are prone to leaks and pipe damage. Look and listen for signs of degradation, and contact us if you notice anything different.

Get A Quote.

If possible, the team will assess your issue over the phone, give you a cost-effective, upfront quote. In the case that your issue is more complex, one of our team will organize to come out and inspect the situation. Be assured that our certified tradespeople will always discuss the needs and costs of the solution with you before prior to commencement of repairs. This ensures that there are never any hidden costs or surprise fees.


Begin Repairs.

If agreed, a licensed plumber will arrange to come and fix your issue. AK Gas and Plumbing pride ourselves on providing a responsive service that is available 24 hours, seven days a week.


Problem Solved

When work is complete and checked, our team will go to every effort to leave no mess behind. Then, we educate you on the issue and the solution, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
You may not realize the vast number of features of your home or commercial space that require plumbing. As such, it is necessary to hire a team of experienced plumbers to efficiently identify and resolve the issue. Some common causes are listed below.


A licensed, qualified tradesperson will talk you through the immediate actions required to ensure the health and safety of people and property.

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