Backflow Testing

Backflow Brisbane

Backflow Testing

Be sure to contact us today for all your Backflow testing and servicing needs around South-East Queensland.

We are a based in the North Lakes on the North Side here in Brisbane. We are qualified to carry out testing, maintenance and replacement for Reduced Pressure Zone Devices (RPZD), Double Check Valves (DCV), Pressure-Type Vacuum-Breaker (PTVB), Testable Single Check Valves (SCV) as well as Registered Air-Gaps and Break-Tanks.

Every testable device is in Queensland is required by law to be tested at no greater intervals than 12 months. You would receive a reminder from your local council outlining what valves need to be tested and by when.

Avoid any penalties by contacting us today to arrange your Backflow device testing.

We also create our own Database to be sure that you do not forget any valves we have tested for you in the past for that extra peace of mind.

Call us today on 07 3419 6579 or 0400 829 858 or email

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