Tap Repair & Install in Brisbane

Upgrading the taps and faucets in your house can greatly enhance its look as well as offer many water conservation opportunities. Taps and faucets are prone to wear and tear. After a period of continuous use, you might notice that your taps are starting to drip or are exceedingly difficult to open. These are the effects of wear and erosion on the washers and spindles. What starts as a drop after you have closed the tap may soon develop into a plumbing nightmare if you fail to have it fixed in time.

It is important that you are aware of the factors that may cause water leaks. Below are some of the points to check to prevent any water leak to happen.

Possible Causes of Water Leaks

Hot Water Tanks

Pressure valves of hot water tanks are connected directly to a drain. A damaged valve can often cause water leaks.

Air-conditioning System

In hot period of time, the need for A/Cs are relatively high. Normally, A/Cs and ventilation have draining pans. Check these draining pans periodically as it may overflow at times.

Worn-out Pipes

Pipes are often the source of water leaks as it is always subject to wear and tear over time. It can lead to burst pipes.

Toilet Leaks

Toilets commonly produces water leaks. Check for any hissing sound, it may be a leak.

Taps, Showers and Hoses

Like toilets, hissing sounds can give you a clue for any leaks.

What To Do And Expect From AK Gas and Plumbing?

At the onset of a plumbing issue, do not panic and know that AK Gas and Plumbing will be right with you to fix the problem in no time.

In case of water leaks, turn off your water valve to prevent further water coming out. All other issues proceed to step 3

Call AK Gas and Plumbing on 07 3419 6579 and we will assess your problem.

If the problem is properly determined, we will offer you the solution with the very affordable price upfront. If the problem needs to be evaluated onsite, our certified plumbers will provide the best solution and discuss with you the minimum charge before the work begins.

We will dispatch our local certified plumbers immediately to conduct guaranteed repair of your plumbing problem.

After all is checked and we have ensured it is in correct working order, we explain to you what the problem was and what solution was applied, so that you will know what to expect, if you are ever faced with the same issue again.

We clean the work area so that you are not left with any mess.