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When emergencies happen, they don’t wait for you, so you shouldn’t have to wait either. Our Brisbane plumbers can quickly service your property, gas or plumbing needs 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year in the following areas in Brisbane Northside, Inner Suburbs, East, South, West as well as Surrounding Suburbs. Our highly experienced and qualified emergency plumbing team can handle any situation that may pop up. Our emergency plumber & gas fitters team has seen and done it all, from getting drainage fixed on a blocked drain through to burst pipes or a leaking tap, we're here to help. If you need any installation or pipe repair services for either your sink, shower, or dishwasher, our fully licensed Brisbane plumbing specialists with years of experience can guarantee the best solutions for your problems. Call our local plumber Brisbane team on 1300 007 769 for a plumbing service you can count on!

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Gas or Plumbing Emergency?

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AK Gas Plumbing FAQ’s

Absolutely. We are fully licenced specialists and we don’t overbook our tradies so you can be assured they won’t be held up on other jobs. Our plumbers will arrive on time every time. We also specialise in 24/7 emergency plumbing and are able to send an AK G&P emergency plumber out to you, both day and night.
  • Yes, we can provide pricing for our gas fitting, leak detection and other plumbing services like pipe repairs or replacement over the phone or via our web page.
  • Yes. Total clarity around pricing is important to us as well as you.
  • Yes. In most cases, our written quotes for a plumber can be matched or beaten against any other plumbing company.
  • Brighte Finance 0% interest
  • Humm Finance 0% interest
  • Cash
  • Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) +1.75% fee
  • Direct transfer
Gas Instantaneous
  • Is the LPG bottle empty or has the natural gas meter been turned off?
  • Is your unit plugged into a power point?
  • Test the power point is working with another device such as a mobile phone charger.
  • Try turning the power point off for a few minutes and then turn back on.
  • Try running several hot taps at once.
Electric Hot Water
  • Has the unit been topped up in the last few months?
  • If hot water unit is full, lift the filler valve. Is the water coming from the overflow hot or cold? Hot = Tempering Valve Cold = Element or thermostat
Still having plumbing troubles?
  • If you've tried all these quick DIY checks, we'd highly recommend chatting with a hot water specialist about your specific model prior to getting a quote. With a large team, AK Gas & Plumbing has specialised hot water specialists throughout Brisbane to ensure when your hot water goes out; we're around the corner to get you back up and running! Give our friendly team a call today on 1300 007 769.
  • Has there been recent prolonged overcast weather? If so, has the booster switch been turned on?
  • More use than normal at night time and not enough sunlight to recover?
  • Are your collectors clean or have been cleaned recently?
  • Check that the collectors on the roof are not leaking
  • If a split system is the circulating pump operating correctly?
  • A sudden occurrence may mean a localised blockage and a simple plunge may work.
  • If this has become worse over time you may have broken pipes under the ground. Tree root intrusion or collapsed pipes could be the cause.
  • If the blockage is identified in council infrastructure, a plumber will contact council on your behalf.
  • Turn the gas off at either the bottles or the gas meter.
  • Contact AK Gas & Plumbing and speak to a experienced plumber for an emergency attendance.
  • Listen for a small hissing sound.
  • Place some food dye into the cistern. A leak running into the bowl will be obvious.
  • Hold a small wad of toilet paper against the back of the bowl. If water is leaking it will become wet and soggy.
  • Usually a tap leak is easy and a low-cost item to either service, repair, fix or replace. We can offer you exceptional service at a great price.
  • We have a standard rate for after hours call outs.
  • We can attempt to provide troubleshooting assistance over the phone to avoid a call out where possible.
  • Check toilets for leaks (see tips for toilet leaks).
  • Check solar fittings are not leaking into the gutter and running to storm water (at the kerb).
  • Check hot water unit is not leaking.
  • Contact AK Gas & Plumbing for underground leak location services.
  • We offer services for leak detection as well as fixing any leaking taps found in your house.
  • If the leak is an undetectable underground water leak we can assist with claiming a rebate from your provider.
  • Check for empty rainwater tank.
  • Is fault light on the pump lit? Check the owner’s handbook for code meanings.
  • Is the power point working?
  • Is the pump turning on every few minutes? This could be caused by a toilet leak.
  • A faulty pressure reduction valve at the water meter.
  • Blocked restrictors / aerators.
  • We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and outstanding customer service and back that with a quality 12 month guarantee on our workmanship.
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Gas or Plumbing Emergency?

Brisbane's Most Trusted Plumbing Experts