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We’re a family-oriented business that’s dedicated to sewerage services and installations throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. Our experienced plumbers are strictly qualified in installing all styles of sewage systems and have far greater expertise than other plumbing companies –they can make sure you get the best system for your home or desired property, at discounted rates direct from the supplier.

With us, you can be assured of a knowledgeable and informed approach, and our staff have built an enviable reputation of immaculate customer service. We go one step further than other businesses – what’s more nobody can beat the amount of systems that we weekly install.

“AK Gas & Plumbing pride themselves on being honest, reliable, and boasting extremely qualified tradespeople. We value you and your time, meaning that we also go the extra step to provide exceptional service.”

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If you are considering a Sewage treatment system in or around Brisbane, don’t look any further!

Our friendly team at AK Gas & Plumbing can provide you with a free 30 minute consultation to help identify the most appropriate solution to meet your needs, whether you are a residential client or a commercial/industrial service. We not only provide advice but we also are experienced in both the installation and conversion/replacement of existing systems.

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With our group of companies, All Kind Industries, we have you covered for all your electrical, earthmoving, plumbing, supply, and installation needs, all under one roof. Our comprehensive services ensure the simplest installation process in the industry.

From wastewater treatment systems to electrical installations and earthmoving requirements, we handle it all. Our expert team will seamlessly coordinate and manage every aspect of your project, providing you with a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

By bringing together multiple services under one umbrella, we streamline the installation process, saving you time and effort. Trust AK Gas & Plumbing to deliver top-notch quality and convenience for all your electrical, earthmoving, plumbing, supply, and installation requirements.

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In need of reliable sewage treatment solutions? Look no further! Our team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We understand the importance of efficient sewage treatment and offer comprehensive services to meet your needs.

Whether you require installation, repairs, or maintenance for your sewage treatment system, our skilled plumbers are here to provide efficient and effective solutions. We specialize in addressing issues such as leaky sewage pipes, malfunctioning treatment systems, and more. Trust us to deliver reliable results and ensure the proper functioning of your sewage treatment system.

Give us a call at 1300 007 769 or fill out our online form to discuss your sewage treatment requirements. We’re dedicated to providing prompt and reliable service, ensuring that your sewage treatment needs are met with expertise and professionalism.

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If you suspect that you may be experiencing any of the issues explained above, do not let these problems worsen before you get them fixed. Call AK Gas and Plumbing on 1300 007 769 immediately, or submit an online enquiry here.

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If possible, the team will assess your issue over the phone, give you a cost-effective, upfront quote. In the case that your issue is more complex, one of our team will organize to come out and inspect the situation. Be assured that our certified tradespeople will always discuss the needs and costs of the solution with you before prior to commencement of repairs. This ensures that there are never any hidden costs or surprise.

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If agreed, a licensed plumber will arrange to come and fix your issue. AK Gas and Plumbing pride ourselves on providing a responsive service that is available 24 hours, seven days a week. Problem solved! When work is complete and checked, our team will go to every effort to leave no mess behind. Then, we educate you on the issue and the solution to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Problem Solved

When work is complete and checked, our team will go to every effort to leave no mess behind. Then, we educate you on the issue and the solution, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Our team is dedicated to providing robust solutions that stand the test of time. As part of our after-sales support, our team remain open 24/7 to ensure your absolute satisfaction.


Commonly Asked Sewage Treatment System Questions

Both blackwater and greywater are treated in the same system and are commonly treated in three stages.

Stage 1 – The first chamber is designed to catch heavier organic solids that settle to the bottom, and lighter fats and greases float to the top. The middle layer of wastewater then flows to the second chamber, where it is treated by Anaerobic bacteria

Stage 2 – A blower adds air to the wastewater so that the dissolved oxygen increases and is used by bacteria to consume and break down the pollutants. These Aerobic bacteria multiply faster in aerated water, so they consume pollutants faster than Anaerobic bacteria speeding up the process.

Stage 3 – These bacteria have broken down the wastewater so that it becomes much cleaner than when it entered the system. The next stage is where the more sanitary wastewater is treated with either chlorine or ultraviolet light to disinfect the wastewater. The treated water is then dispersed to the designated land application area by either surface sprinklers or sub-surface absorption.

They can be called many different names, so this is where it can be confusing for our clients to determine what is best for their installation.

The below names and abbreviations all refer to the same type of sewage treatment plant

  • OSSF – On-site Sewage Facility
  • HSTP – Home Sewage Treatment Plant
  • WWTP – Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • AWTS – Aerated Wastewater Treatment System
  • ATU – Aerobic Treatment Unit
  • STU – Sewage Treatment Unit
  • Aerobic Septic System
  • Wastewater Treatment System
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment
  • Residential Wastewater Treatment System
  • BioCycle – A Brand name that refers to the above

Below are some of the brands we use and recommend.

  • Taylex
  • Earthsafe
  • Aqua Nova
  • Ozzi Kleen
  • Nature Flow
  • Fuji Clean
  • Econo Pro
  • BioCycle

Maintenance of the HSTP is the homeowner’s responsibility and is to be carried out as per the manufacturer’s and local council’s requirements by a licenced service agent. A report will be provided upon completion to satisfy the installation approval conditions.

AK Gas & Plumbing can take the hassle away by providing reminders when your system is due for servicing.

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