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Why AK Gas and Plumbing?

Every builder knows that finding a good contractor is worth their weight in gold. Having a reliable, honest, hard-working and trustworthy contractors eases the stress

How To Unblock A Shower Drain

Have you ever noticed a strange smell coming from your shower drain? Or perhaps the water is not flowing down quickly and easily as it

Supporting the Community

Supporting the Community As a business, AK Gas and Plumbing cares about our community. To show our support we have developed a number of partnerships


Our processes and how we can help you Business processes in today’s world are becoming more and more common. But what exactly is a business

Industry Bodies

Within every industry there are a number of peak bodies that offer businesses support, protection, advice and accreditation. Plumbing and gas are no exception. At

Endorsements, Licences & Insurances

What you need to know when choosing a contractor? As tradespeople we are all aware of the importance of endorsements, licencing and insurance within our

Jetting and Camera Equipment

AK Gas and Plumbing has modern, state of the art equipment that can be used for any plumbing or gas job required. After 20 years

Get it today with Certegy!

Many people put off getting that new hot water system for one simple reason.  Money!  It is true that major plumbing works can be pricey,

Flexi Hoses – The Hidden Danger

  Plumbing has come a long way since the days of copper pipes.  These days you’re more likely to find stainless steel flexible water hoses

The Importance of Gas Safety in Caravans

Many caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers use gas as their primary source of energy.  Properly installed and maintained, gas is a safe and reliable energy

Behaviour, Energy Efficiency and You

This article is written by Rodney Lunt. Rodney Lunt is a veteran of the residential and commercial energy efficiency market, Director of SolAqua Solutions  –

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