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Jetting and Camera Equipment

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AK Gas and Plumbing has modern, state of the art equipment that can be used for any plumbing or gas job required. After 20 years of business, we are aware of the resources and equipment needed to complete the variety of jobs we undertake. We have tried and tested a number of different brands and now know the best ones to use for reliability and longevity. We do not believe in cutting corners and as such we invest in quality equipment that last the distance and ensures that your jobs are completed each and every time.

Two pieces of equipment that AK Gas and Plumbing use on a daily basis are its CCTV drain inspection cameras and jetting equipment.  We all understand the importance of knowing what is wrong before doing any work. We cannot be expected to fix a problem without knowing the cause and more often than not this requires investigative work. Our tiny, durable camera equipment allows us to do just that. Utilizing CCTV devices, we can accurately locate issues in both sewer and storm water drainage systems.

The camera equipment can be placed down any drainage system to accurately identify the exact location and depth of the plumbing issue. The CCTV drain inspection technology allows us to identify the problem accurately and efficiently while avoiding expensive excavations and large-scale disruption to your business. It also enables our team to provide you and other construction associates with a detailed report, plan of action and video weblink to facilitate the timely treatment of the issue.

Often the result of using CCTV camera equipment will shows a blockage of some description and this may require the use of our jetting equipment.  AK Gas and Plumbing use a technique called hydrojetting to unblock drains from the outset. The use of high-pressure water clears the blockage, and is powerful enough to cut through tree roots, while flushing out sand, silt and even concrete debris.

AK Gas and Plumbing is now offering our builders the use of its CCTV drain inspection devices and jetting equipment for emergency work such as blocked drains. We believe in working in partnership with our contractors and as such only charge the standard hourly rate with no hidden extra charges. Working together enables us to develop quality and last lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

CCTV drain inspection devices and jetting equipment are just one of the many ways AK Gas and Plumbing utilize cutting edge technology to provide complete solutions to your plumbing needs. If you think that the reliable, high quality service provided by AK Gas and Plumbing is required in your business, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can chat to you directly about your project and reassure any concerns you may have? Please also contact us if you require the use of our camera or jetting equipment in an emergency situation. We are contactable in the following ways:


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