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AroFlo – How AK Gas and Plumbing uses this complete system to help your project

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At AK Gas and Plumbing we believe in good quality, reliable service each and every time. In order for us to do this we use AroFlo, a powerful software program that assists us in all areas of our daily management and ensures that nothing is left to chance. AroFlo software has a variety of programs which AK Gas and Plumbing regularly use to ensure that all our services, quotes, invoices and communication with you occurs in a timely, professional and reliable manner.  We use this specialized software to ensure that all jobs are accurately tracked and completed on time, so you can keep moving forward with your project. Let’s take a look at the AroFlo software and what it can offer you as you work with AK Gas and Plumbing.

  1. Scheduling – Aroflo software allows us to schedule jobs on days and times that best suit you. We are able to see what each of our staff are doing at any given time and can assign jobs to them in a timely manner. This means that your preference on time and date for works can be easily accommodated and adjusted if required.
  2. Maps & GPS tracking – the Aroflo system allows us to track where all of our staff and equipment are each and every day. This ensures that we have the right people and resources for the job on site as well as the correct number of staff to ensure the job is completed within the agreed timeframes. If there is an emergency, we are able to locate the closest staff member to attend to your job in order for the matter to be resolved quickly and efficiently.
  3. Tasks and checklists – We are able to modify AroFlo software to create checklists and tasks that are unique to your project. This ensures that all aspects of your job are recorded, and we can notify you of when these occur. If there are any tasks that are not completed on time, we are alerted to this by the AroFlo system so we can rectify the problem as soon as possible.
  4. Quoting – AroFlo software has a built-in quoting system which allows us to give you costings quickly and accurately. We have online access to inventory and stock lists. This means we are able to see if we have the items you need in stock and if not, how long it may take to get them.
  5. Invoicing – the AroFlo system allows us to issue invoices to you that are easily payable online. We can create an invoice anywhere, anytime on our mobile devices and can take payments in the same fashion. We can also issue receipts to you at the same time.
  6. OHS compliance – We have set up the AroFlo system to ensure that all staff at AK Gas and Plumbing conduct the correct workplace health and safety assessments including risk assessments and pre-work-checklists. The safety of our staff and yours is a priority and every effort is made at all times to protect and take care of staff and customers.
  7. Communication – the AroFlo software system allows AK Gas and Plumbing to send customisable autonomous emails and text notifications that suit your needs. This means that we keep you up to date on the progress of your project, every step of the way.

AK Gas and Plumbing believes in making your job as easy and as stress free as possible. Aroflo software allows us to do just that. At any time, we can easily see what is occurring on your project, which of our staff are assigned to your project and what will be occurring next. We are able to communicate efficiently with you and can answer any of your questions from out mobile device! Why not contact AK Gas and Plumbing so that we can chat to you directly about your project and reassure any concerns you may have? We are contactable in the following ways:

  • Phone: 07 30533405
  • Email: works@akgp.com.au
  • Instagram and Facebook: akgasandplumbing

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