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Endorsements, Licences & Insurances

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What you need to know when choosing a contractor?

As tradespeople we are all aware of the importance of endorsements, licencing and insurance within our respective trades. We would never think of working without these behind us. Having the correct endorsements and licences proves we are skilled and qualified tradespeople. They show that we have been committed to our trade by studying and putting in the necessary hours to provide quality work. They are also something that we look for when engaging with fellow tradespeople and developing relationships with contractors. Let’s take a look at endorsements, licencing and insurance specifically in the plumbing arena.


The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) defines an endorsement within the plumbing trade as “An endorsement entitles you to perform specific types of work not covered under your existing licence. You only need to apply once for each endorsement, with the exception of backflow prevention”. At AK Gas and Plumbing we hold several endorsements which ensure that we are able to undertake several different types of plumbing and gas works. These include:

  • Commission and Maintain backflow prevention devices
  • Commission and Maintain hot and heated water temperature control devices
  • Solar and heat pump licence
  • Domestic Waste Water and Environmental Plumbing QBCC Licence to Design


As we are all aware, in Queensland, individuals and companies must hold QBCC licences to legally carry out trade work. Gas and plumbing are no exception. A licence is defined as ‘a permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing or carry on a trade’. Licences vary depending on the type of employee / employer you are and on what work you are carrying out. At AK Gas and Plumbing we believe that all our staff should be fully licenced in both gas and plumbing. This gives our staff the flexibility to oversee all our plumbing and gas work and means that your project will be completed quickly and professionally.

At AK Gas and Plumbing we hold the following licences:

  • Gas Licence Licence 28345
  • Plumbing /Drainage Licence 19743
  • Contractors Licence 1054842
  • Company Contractor licence 15072801


Finally, we are all aware of the importance of insurance. It is unlikely that you will find many tradespeople without some form of insurance these days. Insurance is a basic contract, known as a policy, that protects an individual or business from possible financial losses or damages. In business this also covers losses and damages sustained by another party and offers cover from claims made as they conduct their business. At AK Gas and Plumbing we hold Public Liability insurance for the value of $20 million and are workcover compliant.

When working with AK Gas and Plumbing you can rest assured that we are fully endorsed, licenced and insured so you can be comfortable in all the work we do. Take the stress out of your plumbing and gas project today! Contact AK Gas and Plumbing so that we can chat to you directly about your project and reassure any concerns you may have? We are contactable in the following ways:

  • Phone: 07 30533405
  • Email: works@akgp.com.au
  • Instagram and Facebook: akgasandplumbing

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