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Flexi Hoses – The Hidden Danger

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Plumbing has come a long way since the days of copper pipes.  These days you’re more likely to find stainless steel flexible water hoses (flexi hoses), under your sinks, basins and tubs. Flexi hoses are able to be bent into the shape required for most plumbing jobs making them the preferred choice for most installations.  However, flexi hoses also come with a hidden danger.  In fact, they are the leading cause of household and business flooding.  When you consider that a burst hose under your kitchen sink will pump out around 1500 litres per hour, it pays to be aware of the hidden dangers of flexi hoses.  However, with a few small steps, these nightmare scenarios are largely avoidable. Here are some recommendations for minimizing the chances of you experiencing a flexi hose disaster.


  1. Have a plumber install them

There are lots of things that can go wrong if you choose to install your own flexi hoses.  If you use hoses that are too short or too long, or if the hose is too loose or too tight then it is very susceptible to rupturing. It is also important to note that these hoses are easy to overtighten or cross thread which can fracture the rubber seal connection – causing big issues.  Don’t take chances with flexi hoses!  A licensed plumber will ensure that your hoses are properly installed.

  1. Check your hoses every few months

Take a walk around your home or business and find all your flexi hose connections.  Make sure you inspect them every few months.  Check for kinks, twists, cracks, fraying and corrosion.  Check that they are properly installed.  Look for unexplained leaks, puddles or signs of moisture (such as mold) appearing in the surrounding areas.  If you suspect you have a leak, shut off your water at the mains immediately, and contact your plumber.  And if you are unsure or are not confident in your ability to check them, then get a plumber’s opinion!

  1. Install isolating valves

For ultimate peace of mind, consider asking your plumber to install isolating valves on all your water connections that have flexi hoses.  There is a cost of course, but if a hose ever ruptures or snaps, an isolating valve will instantly block the flow of water saving you potentially thousands of dollars in clean-up costs.

  1. Make sure you are insured for flooding

Flexi hoses are known for rupturing and causing floods throughout homes and businesses, especially if they are not checked regularly.  So, it pays to make a quick call to your insurer to check that you are covered for flood damage.  In the worst-case scenario, you don’t want to be left with the nasty surprise of finding out you’re not insured.

There is too much at stake to take risks with flexi hoses.  For peace of mind, contact AK Gas and Plumbing.  AK Gas and Plumbing pride themselves in responding to plumbing emergencies in the timeliest manner.  We can inspect, install, repair or replace damaged and broken flexi hoses, and isolating valves at very competitive prices.  We can advise on safer options to eliminate the chance of flooding.  Moreover, our fixed pricing and upfront estimates mean that there are no hidden costs – just a professional, reliable plumbing service that you can depend on.  Best of all, AK Gas and Plumbing are located in North Lakes on Brisbane’s north side and are available 24 hours, seven days a week.  Don’t risk a flexi hose flood at your place!

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