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Behaviour, Energy Efficiency and You

This article is written by Rodney Lunt. Rodney Lunt is a veteran of the residential and commercial energy efficiency market, Director of SolAqua Solutions  – a proud Wholesale supplier to AK Gas and Plumbing and also Managing Director of Money On The Table Business Solutions. Have you looked at your electricity bill lately? If you haven’t […]

Water Saving Tips for Your Homes

Water Saving Tips Anyone who lived in Brisbane in 2007 will remember the days of level 6 water restrictions during one of Queensland’s worst-ever droughts.  Watering our gardens from buckets, not being able to fill the swimming pool with town water and four-minute showers became the norm.  Fast forward ten years and many of us […]

Identifying a Blocked Drain

Every homeowner has experienced the inconvenience of having a blocked drain.  There’s no doubt about it, blocked drains are downright disgusting!  Swimming with bacteria, if left unrepaired, a blocked drain can lead to health issues not to mention an awful smell!   It’s usually easy to tell when we have a blocked drain but not so […]

Improving Water Pressure

A common problem faced by homeowners is low water pressure. Low water pressure can be extremely frustrating with essential day to day tasks, such as running a bath, getting shampoo out of your hair, putting on a load of washing or doing the dishes becoming more difficult and time consuming each day. It is often […]

Finding the Right Hot Water System for You

With so many different options out there, finding the right hot water system to meet the needs of your Brisbane property can be confusing and stressful. Every hot water system, whether it’s a gas, electric, solar or heat pump system, has its pros and cons. Usually, when people purchase a new hot water system, they […]

Power Up: AK Gas & Plumbing Partner with the Peninsula Power Football Club

AK Gas and Plumbing are all about supporting our loyal family of local customers. One way we do this is through giving back to our local community. In 2018, AK Gas and Plumbing have chosen to support a number of local charities, but especially the Peninsula Power Football Club, with grounds at Kippa Ring and […]