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Water Saving Tips for Your Homes

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Water Saving Tips

Anyone who lived in Brisbane in 2007 will remember the days of level 6 water restrictions during one of Queensland’s worst-ever droughts.  Watering our gardens from buckets, not being able to fill the swimming pool with town water and four-minute showers became the norm.  Fast forward ten years and many of us have forgotten about the water-saving measures we had to take back then.  These days however, smart homeowners still take water conservation very seriously, not only for the sake of the environment but for the financial benefits as well.  Here are our top ten water saving tips that can potentially slash your water consumption charges by 15-20%.

Tip 1:  Fix those dripping taps

Many people mistakenly believe that a dripping tap doesn’t make much difference to your water bill. However, did you know that a tap leaking at the rate of one drip per second can waste over 12,000 litres of water in a year?  That is dollars down the drain!  Get all leaking taps fixed straight away to save water and money!

Tip 2:  Turn off the tap when you’re not using it

Do you still have the tap running when you brush your teeth or shave?  Leaving the tap on can waste up to 6 litres of water per minute, that’s over 2,000 litres a year for just 1 minute per day.  Instead of leaving the tap running, put in the plug and run some water in the sink.

Tip 3:  Take shorter showers

Showers can use up to 25 litres of water per minute, so keep your showers short to save water and dollars.  Speeding up a shower by just 1 minute a day can save 9,000 litres a year, so consider using a shower timer to help you stay on track.  And, if you have younger kids, consider bathing them together.

Tip 4:  Invest in water-saving showerheads

While we are talking about showers, make the switch to a water-saving showerhead.  It can save a two-person household over $150 per year on their household water bill.  Water-saving showerheads can also save you money on electricity as you need less hot water.

Tip 5:  Use a front-loading washing machine

Did you know a top-loading washing machine uses around 130 litres of water per load, whereas a front-loader does the job with only 65 litres.  Over the course of a year, you’ll save almost 4,000 litres of water, and that’s if you’re only doing one load per week.  For a larger family, the savings multiply.

Tip 6:   Do full loads of washing

Always fill your washing machine and your dishwasher completely before you wash. Half loads use the same amount of water as full loads.

Tip 7:  Dual flush toilets

A dual-flush toilet uses up to 60% less than a traditional model.  For the average family, this can equate to a saving of up to 80 litres of water every day.  Once your dual flush toilet is installed, use the half flush whenever practical.

Tip 8:   Drive your car onto the lawn before you wash it

Wash the car and water the grass at the same time and “kill two birds with one stone”!

Tip 9:  Water your gardens in a smart way

Water your gardens early in the morning or later in the afternoon to minimize evaporation. And where possible, consider using alternate water sources like greywater or rainwater. Drought-resistant plants are also a great option for your gardens, as they need less water, but still, look great.

Tip 10:  Get a water tank

This is the ultimate water saving tip and although the initial outlay can be expensive, the savings can be enormous as well.  A rainwater tank can offset your reliance on mains water significantly.

For all your water-saving needs, AK Gas and Plumbing has got you covered. From installing your new dual flush toilet to fixing your leaking taps, we can save you money by helping you save water. AK Gas and Plumbing are specialists in residential projects and can provide complete solutions to all your water-saving needs from advice to repairs to installations. Contact AK Gas and Plumbing today.


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